OK, so, before I got it running right, with the miss compensated for by fiddling with the timing and using a hot plug, that is, things still not quite right, but running...

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First Blood: A MK1's Baptism by Fire

(A Honda Boy Meets the 20 valve)

So there I was, running errands around town in the '87 MK1 20 valve (still not quite right, but getting there and at least running). I had stopped at a stoplight and this ticket-me-red late model Prelude pulls up to me with low profile tires and wheels that cost more than I had in my car. I don't know my Honda's (Honduh's to the Toyota people), but it was the one with the triangle- like tail lights and "Prelude" in small letters to the right of the license plate.  Non VTEC.  I didn't really give him much thought until the light turned green and he nailed it, catching me by surprise and getting a jump on me. Well, not to be outdone, I nailed it too, with him having over a car length head start on me because I didn't think anything was going to happen. He was ahead about a half a car length when we shifted to 2nd, me slightly later than the Prelude. Through second I steadily gained on that 1/2 car length to the 2-3 shift. I lost a little time shifting, as I shifted when my miss hit at less than 8K rpm with kind of a "blappp", and franky, I am more of the road racer type than the drag racer. I think the Prelude was shifing faster than me. Anyway, into third gear. Now, "nothing hangs with a 20 valve through 3rd gear" should be a motto. It will pull strong to about 90 MPH in 3rd with the AW11 gearing before the rev limiter hits. I just walked away from the Prelude. Me in my little 87 MK1 with _way_ too much _very_ rough bondo on the side (a work in progress), headlights stuck in the up position, primer all over, stock wheels, cheap tires, too low exhaust system, bad ignition and a 20 valve motor. We had to back off as we came up on traffic, but that is one Honda Boy that will think twice about racing 12 year old MR2's unless he wants further views of the tail lights.