Favorite Sites


Here are some good MR2 and 4AGE related sites.

Billzila's Page. Billzilla has one of the ultimate auto performance pages. You simply must memorize everything on his site. This is the link to his engine page.

Phil's Page. Phil has the ultimate page on the 4AGE 20 valve, and much info on the 16 valve as well.

Matti's Page. Matti has an excellent site on Toyota’s in general.

IMOC Page. The International MR2 Owner’s Club page. Lots of good MR2 stuff.

MR2 Stuff on eBay. Search of MR2 stuff for sale on eBay, not including hotwheels, etc.

DaveSpinnetti's Page. Dave did a 20 valve transplant in an '85 AW11.

Mikhal's Page. Mikhal put a JDM 16 valve 4AGE with twin Weber carbs in his AE82

Here is my wife's page, not auto related:

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