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Welcome to Dr.Hess' MR2 and Locost 7 web site!

This site is about the MK1 (1985-1989) Toyota AW11 MR2, and specifically my 1987 AW11 with a 1991 4AGE 20 valve motor, my 1989 Esprit Turbo, and my Locost Seven project. Other topics include general 4AGE stuff and 20 valve stuff in particular. 

Papillon is my Lotus Seven clone page.  

Crystal Princes is my Lotus Esprit Turbo, the most beautiful car in the world..






To paraphrase Bones on Star Trek, "I am a physician, not a web page author," so bear with me on this stuff. This is my second attempt at a web page, this time with MS FrontPage instead of MS Publisher, so here we go. (BTW, this entire website is Copyright (c) 2007, Hessel Kooistra, III, M.D.)  This page was formerly located at home.flash.net/~hess .






Dr's K now reside in Northwest Arkansas


Email Address:  The two letter abreviation for "doctor", decimalpoint, "H e s s" (without spaces), "at" drhess.net.  Make sure the subject line contains something that I recognize, otherwise the spam catcher will grab it and I may never see it.






Here lies a page full of useless email addresses for the slugs who scavenge