A Pictorial Guide to Changing MR2 Strut Cartridges

Lets get started...

Your engine bay may look a bit different than this one.

Remove the little side covers (3 screws).

Jack up the car and support on a jack stand.

Tire off.

Remove two of the strut top nuts and leave the third loose.

Remove the clips holding the brake line to the strut body.


Remove brake line from strut body and re-attach line to caliper.

Mark the position of the camber adjuster so you can put it back in the same place.

Remove two big bolts holding spindle to strut body.

Wiggle spindle loose from strut body.

Place strut in big vise.

Put spring compressor (about ten bucks a pair from Harbor Freight) on and compress spring enough so that the spring top is not touching the strut top plate thing.

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